About Us

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our Company?
First of all, your business, your company, your facility, is incredibly valuable to you, to your employees, your families, and to your customers. We know this. Giving someone the keys to your building means they have access to pretty much everything, and we give that responsibility the respect and care it deserves.
Our cleaners are our front-line whenever you need our assistance we're here to help. You’ll receive copies of our company’s business license, proof of insurance, and anything else you need. Its likely that your facility doesn’t need a national janitorial service company with thousands of employees and accounts. You need a local well-trained janitorial company, with Owners and management staff willing to take the time to train the staff, support them, inspect their work, and communicate with them. The janitorial maintenance industry is unfortunately filled with companies who get an account, "kind of" train a new cleaning staff, and then let them go on their own until there's a complaint. We don't do that here. Thanks for reading. We are looking forward to adding you to our list of satisfied Customers.
If you run a business or a large household, you may have a need for professional cleaning services and contractors. We provide fast, friendly, reliable service staff that will uphold your company’s professional image and core values. We have more than 20 years of commercial cleaning services experience, and we continue to serve Providence RI and Massachusetts with unparalleled quality and price.

Your Satisfaction with our Commercial Cleaning Services Guaranteed. Our management team is dedicated to doing a perfect job every time. No matter what the size of your facility, you will receive the same dedication to professionalism and the highest level of service.

What our clients say about us!

  • We are very pleased with the cleaning being done by your company. It is a pleasure to see how the (employee) works and the respect that he shows towards the employees.

    Jason S., Lawyer

  • We are pleased to report that all business has been conducted by America Cleaning in a highly satisfactory manner.America Cleaning and their staff have always been most helpful in providing service to our school and we look forward to a continued long business relationship.

    Kirk Jhonson, CEO

  • The most impressive compliment we can give America Cleaning is their efficient manner of accomplishing any task given and the high level of supervision to insure completion of the work assigned.

    Lars Sunders, Gym